Low Voltage Cable Jointing Kits

Raychem Low Voltage Cable Jointing Kits products provide glorious insulating and sealing performance with heat shrinkable and resin materials. These established materials kind the premise of straight and branch Cable Joints for voltages up to 1 KV.

Raychem Low Voltage Cable Joints Features

Medium Voltage cable jointing kits

Raychem Medium Voltage cable jointing kits RAYFIT- New Generation MV Joints Up to 36 kV Today's jointing technology is needed to be less complicated and added economical until now provides higher levels of reliableness and adaptability for operators who are under increasing pressure to boost network potency. Rayfit achieves these objectives and has extra valuable options


Rayfit represents the new generation of heat shrinkable jointing technology. It's supported a triple-extruded heat-shrinkable elastomeric joint sleeve constituent. The system is appropriate for paper and polymeric cable constructions and is intended to accommodate fashionable cable jointing necessities like mechanical shear bolt connectors.

High Voltage/EHV Cable Jointing Kits

The elastomeric Raychem 72 kV cable joints are appropriate for all polymeric cables and be capable of accommodate varied cross-bonding defend break and external grounding arrangements.

Raychem Quick cable preparation :No yearn for insulation sanding or pencilling
Raychem Simplified installation :No specialists needed. A certified medium-voltage cable joints person will be trained in single day.
Pre-engineered wall thickness : Every part of product dimensions are set and checked at the industrial plant before the merchandise is shipped to the countryside.
Time savings : Suitable to short installation time outages are kept to a minimum in repair situations.
High Trustworthiness : The mix of long expertise and rigorous testing to international standards results in high cable joints loyalty.

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