Raychem High Voltage Terminations

Raychem High Voltage Cable Termination also called HV cable - is used for electric power transmission at high voltage. High Voltage Cables of differing types have a variety of applications in instruments, ignition systems, AC and DC power transmission. In all applications, the insulation of the cable must not deteriorate due to the high-voltage stress, ozone produced by electric discharges in air, or tracking. The cable system must prevent contact of the high-voltage conductor with other objects or persons, and must contain and control leakage current. Cable Joints and terminals must be designed to control the high-voltage stress to prevent breakdown of the insulation. Often a high-voltage cable will have a metallic shield layer over the insulation, connected to earth ground and designed to equalize the dielectric stress on the insulation layer.

HV Terminations/EHV (72 kV)

The slim, compound-free Raychem 72 kV terminations are appropriate for indoor and outside use on all Polymeric Cables.

High Performance Material

Raychem Terminations are product of a specially developed material with wonderful following and erosion resistance characteristics. Accelerated and natural weathering take a look at that are perpetually being dole out at Raychem facilities and freelance test sites round the world have incontestable that the terminations are ultraviolet illumination and water-resistant and perform reliably even once exposed to unexpected temperature variations. Tracking and Erosion take a look at as per ASTM D2303 and EC 112 make sure the fabric properties to be appropriate for operation in severe climate.

A Universal System with Versatile Use

The material employed in Raychem's 72 kV terminations is appropriate for all climates and environments; it's not at risk of harm from transportation or malicious mischief. The termination features a discreet, low profile that enables it to mix into landscapes. The factory-engineered kits contain a tested termination system that saves area, facilitates installation and enhances system responsibility. The special style of the Raychem termination, which contains pre-coated track resistant sealants that soften throughout the shrinking process, leads to a reliable and lasting barrier against wetness and corrosion.

Raychem Features and Edges

RSTI - Raychem Screened separable connection system

Raychem RSTI screened severable connectors are designed to attach single- and three-core polymeric cables to Medium-Voltage Gas-Insulated Switchgear and alternative instrumentality mistreatment bushings nominative for 630 A up to 24 kV. Product of an extremely changed synthetic rubber and guarded by a thick-walled moulded outer conductive screen connected to earth, RSTI connectors are equally suited to indoor and outside installation.

Raychem Features



Raychem Termination system for Polymeric Insulated Cables up to 72kV

OHVT –C, OHVT-D - Raychem High Voltage outside Termination up to 245 kV

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