Termination Kits

Termination kits square measure designed for three and four core compound insulated cables with or with no armour and three and four core paper insulated cables, also as cables with reduced neutral conductor.

Terminations kits

Low voltage terminations with voluminous installations throughout the earth, Termination Kits square measure depleted to one kv are acknowledged to be plenty of reliable and quicker to put in than typical systems.

These termination kits are designed for three and four core compound Insulated cables with or with no armour and three and four core paper insulated cables, also as cables with reduced neutral conductor.

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Medium Voltage Terminations

Heat shrinkable termination systems for paper and polymeric insulated cables up to 33kV Recognition of heat shrinkable materials leverage for cable jointing was the beginning line for the adding to special polymers to be used at high voltages. The following materials possess exceptional resistance to prolonged electrical stress and weathering, and are capable of being shrunken down quickly to suit and seal a cable, victimization only a normally on the market gas torch.

wide picks of Medium Voltage Terminations we provide are:

Uniterm Series

Uniterm Series is taken into consideration to be the rage Technology Terminations developed at Power Cable Corporation to fulfil the foremost recent wishes of the Electrical trade. Uniterm Series Terminations are a unit vogue to suit the rage compact equipments with less space for cable section. A single component replaces three Heat shrinkable parts (non-tracking tube, stress control tube, and skirts (only for indoor)).



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High Voltage Terminations

High Voltage Cable Termination additionally known as HV cable - is employed for electrical power transmission at high voltage. High Voltage Cables of different types have a spread of applications in instruments, ignition systems, DC and AC power transmission. All applications, the insulation of the cable should not deteriorate because of the high-voltage stress, Ozone produced by electrical discharges in air, or track. The cable should forestall contact of the high-voltage conductor with alternative objects or persons, and should contain and manage outflow current. Cable Joints and terminals should be designed to regulate the high-voltage stress to forestall breakdown of the insulation. Usually a high-voltage cable can have a bronze defend layer over the insulation, connected to earth ground and designed to equalize the non-conductor stress on the insulation layer.

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